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Eye Exams

How often should I get an eye exam?
Yearly eye exams are ideal, although some conditions do require more frequent visits. Click here to request an appointment.
Do you do eye exams for children?
We examine patients 3 years and up. Click here to request an appointment.
Do basic eye exams hurt?
Eye exams are painless, and some even find them relaxing! We will check your vision by having you look through lenses and read eye charts. Then we'll measure your eye pressure with a puff of air, but this is not painful and merely causes blinking.


Which insurance do you take?
VSP (Vision Service Plan), Eyemed, MES (Medical Eye Service), Davis Vision, Spectera, CalOptima, and several others. Please call our office to verify that we accept your insurance.
Will my insurance cover purchasing sunglasses?
Most do not cover non-prescription sunglasses, but there are exceptions for qualified patients. Call your insurance to find out your coverage. Our employees can also help you figure out what coverage you have.

Glasses, Contacts, & LASIK

What kind of glasses do you sell?
We sell non-prescription and prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses with UV protection and optional anti-glare coatings.
Which brands do you carry?
We carry over 25 stylish and designer brands for men, women, and children. See our About Us page for a list of our most popular lines.
Do you have prescription glasses for children?
Yes we can make prescription glasses for children as young as 3.
I work at a computer all day, should I wear special glasses?
If you're on a computer for more than 6 hours per day, it's recommended to use prescription glasses with a blue-blocking lens.
Can I wear contact lenses?
There are several kinds of contact lenses: spherical, toric, monovision, and multifocal. Most people can safely wear any of these.
Who qualifies for LASIK?
Most patients can qualify for LASIK, but must be evaluated first. Click here to request an appointment.

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